Monday, June 18, 2012

Avalon is Closer

Despite further techological challenges, I have been able to make great progress with Rowan, the Life wizard. Rowan has advanced from 71 to 74, and has gotten through Mirror Lake, as of Saturday night this past weekend!

Every night this past week James and I were able to work together getting through Zafaria - from getting through Stone Town, to the Drum Jungle, and in one night getting through Elephant Graveyard and Mirror Lake. We met up with two other wizards as we started Elephant Graveyard on Saturday night, and I am sure that without their help, James and I would not have made it through that evening.

James is Fire, as I said Rowan is Life, and their new friends are Death and Storm.

Rowan had just bought back her training points, changing her secondary school from Balance to Death. She had made good use of the Balance school amulet, which allows a player to use pips of that amulet's school in the same way that they use the pips of their primary school. Rowan does not yet own a Death amulet, so she could not make use of her newly gained Death spells, and did miss the use of her old Balance spells and therefore did not help with damage.

Also, early on in the fights, due to her new deck setup, she was not a very helpful healer. After many deck adjusts, she was able to get back to reliable healing, to her great relief. How embarrassing to be a healer who gets no healing cards, as she watches everyone's health diminish and then worst of all, for the other to have to heal themselves. Fortunately, in the Graveyard Palace boss fights and on into Mirror Lake, she was able to pull her weight and heal the others, who fought quite impressively. There was some great damage there, Wizard friends! Thank you all for your great help and excellent teamwork!

Next, a boss in Mooshu must be defeated, and then I hope I'll be gaining entry to Avalon.

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